Nextdoor app roll out


Nextdoor app roll out





A social networking application in America for neighbors, famous for the discussion of the people of the neighborhood about selling used things, inquiries from schools, and speculations in public situations. The application to communicate with your closest neighbors.

Nextdoor will be offered in the stock market by SPAC with an expected valuation of $4.3 billion.

The application was launched in 2011 and witnessed strong growth at the time of the corona ban, especially with the need for customized updates for each neighborhood on the availability of vaccinations and school changes. It was also an outlet for backbiting among neighbors and exposing who invited many people to his home during the ban days:

    The platform has seen a 50% year-on-year growth in the number of active users, as one in three American homes use the app.
    But Nextdoor didn't turn a profit in 2021, losing $75 million to $123 million in income.

The bigger picture: With the company trading in the global market, it may face other challenges besides profitability, including dealing with racism and offensive comments among neighbors that spread on the application. 

Source: Reuters, Axios, Morning Brew



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