Nature's Answer, Cat S Claw , 1350 mg, 90 capsules

Product Overview

the description

Discover the answer to nature and trust the difference
Advanced plant fingerprinting technology
Cat claw plant
For vegetarians
Food supplement
Fully balanced
Not tested on animals
Jewish Religious Preference: Non religious

Whole herb

Laboratory and documented
Known for its authenticity
Fully balanced

Advanced botanical fingerprinting technique

Genius mother nature in each vase - by its pure nature

The true value of the plant takes root in the overall natural balance

Frank Emilio, founder of Nature's Answer

With this most comprehensive herb in the world, Nature's Answer has identified Mother Nature's advanced plant fingerprinting technique. These reliable samples in each serving form a standard under which all the raw materials come. For more than 800 specific plant reference standards. These original samples serve as a reference to the raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Using accurate extraction techniques, we take the full balance of each herb to convey this value to you, to the consumer, so be assured that the product in his hands is genuine, safe, effective and perfectly balanced, and of course ... 'Nature's Answer.

The nature of our real standards is concerned with ...

A reliable and ethical company owned and operated by the family since 1972
Our facilities are certified as organic and Halal / Koshar and produced according to good manufacturing practices and according to NSF standards
In the production of each vial, do more than 100 points for quality control
Vertically integrated: Gives you the highest quality and best price possible
Made proudly in the USA ... with responsibility and love

How to use

Take three capsules three times a day with food or water.

the ingredients

Vegetable cellulose, Rice flour, Calcium silicate.


keep away from the reach of the children. Do not use it if the safety cover is damaged or does not exist. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult your health care provider.

Keep in cool dry place.

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