Himalaya, Joint Care, 120 capsules

Himalaya, Joint Care, 120 capsules


Product Overview

the description

Since 1930
Gluten free
A healthy health
Benefits of joint movement
Strengthen tissue protection
Contains frankincense and large goulange
Herbal supplement
Enough quantity for one month
Accredited according to standards (current good manufacturing practices, cGMP)
A friend of vegetarians drainage
Family company for more than 85 years

Ayurveda and his sister Yoga teach the human body to improve flexibility and movement. Ayurveda has achieved great success in identifying the plants that meet this purpose, which we have chosen, including JointCare.

This is why Ayurveda highly appreciates gum gum and goulangen (from the ginger family) for their ability to stimulate the strength and elasticity of connective tissues and support the field of mobility.

A healthy health

The experience of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, that ancient science of over 5,000 years, believes that the journey back to perfection begins with nourishing the ability to feel joyful.

Trust in the gift of nature and irreplaceable link between the plant and its original soil for harmonious healing properties.

Contribute to the safety of the land where our family of farmers learn to cultivate their land with local plants in accordance with sustainable ways, and reduce demand for the local environment.

Building communities by defending women farmers, protecting fair wages, providing maternal health care, caring for clinical services, and providing health care programs in schools.

The belief that if health is the path to happiness, then we must participate in preserving the integrity of everything around us. People safety, environmental safety, and community safety.

How to use

Adults: Take 2 capsules twice daily with food.
the ingredients

Cellulose-based plant (capsule).

No wheat.
No corn.
No soybeans.
There is no diary.

No components of animal origin.


Caution: As with all dietary supplements, consult a health care practitioner prior to use; in the case of pregnancy, lactation, taking medication, becoming ill, or being prepared for any medical procedure. The use should be stopped and the health care practitioner consulted in case of adverse effects. keep away from the reach of the children.

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