California Gold Nutrition, Probiotic Lactube, 30 billion CFU unit, 60 capsules plant

California Gold Nutrition, Probiotic Lactube, 30 billion CFU unit, 60 capsules plant

 Product Overview

the description

California Gold Nutrition LactoBif Probiotics
Available in 5, 30 and 100 billion colony forming units in each plant capsule
FloraFIT® Probiotic is exclusively used by Danisco®
8 active probiotic strains underwent clinical research
Each bead is sealed with double cover
No need for cooling²
Suitable for different vegetarians
It is formulated to be free of: dairy derivatives, gluten, genetically modified ingredients, soybeans
Made in a controlled facility by a third party and registered (certified) in accordance with (current Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMP)
Quality iTested Confirmed & Guarantee 100% 

California Gold Nutrition Probiotics contains 8 active probiotic strains (5 Lactobacilli & 3 Bifidobacteria) using Danisco®'s FloraFIT® Probiotics.

Research indicates that living microbial cell strains within Probiotic Lactobif combinations are very resistant to low pH and intestinal conditions (such as acid, yellow, Pepsin and pancreas), as well as adhesion to intestinal cell lines.

Benefits of probiotics within individual capsules Double packing:

Optimum barrier to oxygen, moisture, and light
Ensures product safety and protection
Tamper proof and tamper proof
Storage at room temperature and no need for cooling
Effectiveness guaranteed² 

How to use

One capsule is taken daily or on the advice of a qualified health care professional. It can be eaten with or without food.

the ingredients

Cellulose glycerophyllin, modified plant capsule, magnesium stearate (non-genetically modified vegetable source) and silica.

Note : LactoBif products contain 100% pure white powder and often contain yellow or yellow spots because they contain many vital animal strains as well as other ingredients needed to pack the powder mixture.

Not made with milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, maize, gluten, salt, sugar or yeast. It is produced in a cGMP-compliant facility that processes other products containing allergens or ingredients.


The effectiveness is guaranteed until the end date, provided that it is kept in a dry and cool place at 77ºF (25º C) or less.

keep away from the reach of the children.


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